"My name is Dawn Davis and my son Michael has autism. Last Saturday Joe came to my house for the first Reiki session with my son. As Joe walked up to the front door, he immediately spotted a feather sticking out from the lawn and told me it was a sign that angels were near. Joe came inside. My two dogs were locked in my room and barking loudly. Joe said please let them out, so I did. Excitedly, they ran to him. He petted them and they calmed down so fast. Then they laid down – so very not like my dogs!

Joe explained how the session would be and that he would not be touching Michael most of the time but placing his hands above my son’s body. Joe started by cleansing the energy in the air.

He guided my son to the special chair he brought with him. At first, Michael was a little afraid. Joe started at Michael’s head, his hands hovering, eventually working his way down the body. At that point my son seemed to melt into the chair, arms so calm and relaxed at his sides. Joe then placed one hand on the right side of Michael’s chest while also holding my son’s right hand. Michael has very bad rashes all over his arms and as I watched, the rashes faded. I thought oh, I'm seeing things! Then Joe moved to the other side of my son and this time I payed close attention to the rashes. Well, I almost cried as I watched these fade too, so much so that I got up and had to touch my son to see if they were really gone.

When Joe ended the session, he put his hands in front of Michael and he grabbed Joe’s fingertips. They stared smiling at each other so still. I was amazed! I was not expecting anything to happen that day. Joe has a gift and I am a witness to it! The rash did come back on Monday but for two days Michael’s arms looked better than he had since he was a baby. Michael is going to have another session next week because he has had these for years so it will take time for healing. My family is extremely grateful and had a very positive experience!"